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September 30–October 2, 2022

American Brotherhood Weekend ABW
American Brotherhood Weekend ABW


The main stage layout is shown below.


All contestants will be asked to complete a staging diagram and provide it to the Contestant Coordinator by the application due date. The form will include a description of your fantasy, the music, and any staging needs. The form will be supplied once you have applied to the contest.


There is a very basic lighting system used.  We will do the best to create the right mood for your scene.  


We have a sound system and recommend that music be provided as MP3 files on a thumb drive.   Be sure to bring two copies of your fantasy music/sound to be given to the sound technician.  Label your music with your name and contestant number. 


You are encouraged to keep your props small and simple.   There is limited space to store props so plan accordingly. We have a limited number of stage crew therefore heavy or oversized props should be avoided.  Props must be removed after the contest.

Special Equipment

We do not supply any other special or technical equipment, such as lightning generators, fog machines, strobe lights, etc. The use of these must be pre-approved by ABW staff by the application deadline.  You must rent or bring these with you and be responsible for their set up and security if approved.                            


  • Fantasies are to be 4-5 minutes long. Fantasies running longer than 5 minutes will result in loss of points. This includes setup and teardown. 
  • No smoking is allowed in the buildings including during fantasy scenes.
  • No fire scenes, however, candles are allowed as long as no wax could fall on the stage carpet. You must provide tarps as needed.
  • Nudity is not allowed, though you may show as much skin as needed. 
  • To avoid injury or damage, any takedowns or fight fantasy must be well rehearsed.
  • All people in your fantasy must have a contest ticket for that day and have signed the photographic waiver.
  • A representative of the Leather Archives & Museum will be present at the rehearsal and will advise contestants on any issues with fantasies related to appropriate attire, potential damage to the space or other related issues. 

Changing Rooms

Backstage space to change will be provided. This space is limited, and contestants should keep that in mind and only bring what they will need for the contest.

Fantasy Participants

All participants in a fantasy must have a ticket to the contest on the day of the fantasy.

Fantasy participants will be permitted backstage immediately prior to the scheduled fantasy and will be retrieved from the auditorium by ABW staff members. They will return to the auditorium once they complete the fantasy they are involved in. Fantasy participants are expected to be at the technical rehearsal for the fantasy along with the contestant.  

Technical Rehearsal

Each contestant will get a brief individual tech rehearsal, which includes an individual walk through of the stage and dressing area, instruction on how to speak into a microphone, and where to stand on stage for the different segments of the contest.  You will then be given a 20-minute opportunity to discuss specifics for your fantasy with the tech crew, and to have a quick run through with your fantasy participants and props.  Have all props assembled prior to your scheduled technical rehearsal time.  Fantasy rehearsals are not open to the public or other contestants.  

Be ready to answer the following questions during your individual technical rehearsal:

  • What will the lighting be like at the beginning of my fantasy?
  • When does the sound begin?  On what cue?  How loud?
  • During the fantasy, does the lighting change?  On what cue?  
  • Does the music change?  On what cue?
  • What will the lighting be like at the end of my fantasy?
  • Does the music end on a cue or fade out?  

At the tech rehearsal please have a printed diagram of the location of your props on stage for the stage crew to assist them in placing your props.  Label this diagram with your name, contestant # and which title you are running for. 

Contestant Coordinator Contact information

If you have any questions as a contestant or potential contestant, please contact our Contestant Coordinator.  

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