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Celebrating the American Leatherfamily

September 30–October 2, 2022

American Brotherhood Weekend ABW
American Brotherhood Weekend ABW

Scores will be awarded in each category based upon the contestant’s expression, comfort, and confidence as well as alignment with the mission of the contest.


35% of total score

Interviews are open to the public. They are your only individual, in depth time with all the judges. Interviews will last up to 15 minutes depending on the number of contestants.  Answers should be clear, concise, and to the point. Attire is your choice, but should reflect the category and what you are comfortable wearing. Keep in mind, attire may be considered by the judges in their score.

Judges should focus their questions on the contestant’s history, values, and experience within the community and how it aligns with the mission of the contest.

Meet & Greet

5% of total score

You will have 90 seconds to introduce yourself on stage during the program. Additionally, you are expected to mix and mingle during the meet and greet with judges and attendees. This may include selling tickets, bingo cards, or other items to help contestants interact and fundraise. Attire is your choice. Suggested dress is whatever makes you feel the hottest or sexiest while out cruising at a leather bar. 

Judges should consider the ability of the contestants to mix, connect, and intermingle within an event or bar environment. Comfort in addressing a crowd who may not be entirely engaged should be considered as well as content of introduction.

Hot Wear and Grab Bag

10% of total score

Hot Wear celebrates the sex-positive nature of our community. Attire is your choice and should reflect your sexiest self-image. You will be presented with a bag of items and be prepared to “create” a scene which should be no longer than 60 seconds.

Judges in scoring should consider the comfort, appeal, and confidence of the contestant as well as their ability to improvise and think on their feet. 


30% of total score

The speech will be based on what you will bring to the title and why you want to be the American Leatherman, Leatherwoman, or Leatherboy. Attire is your choice, keep in mind it should represent you as a confident leather person.  All speeches are limited to 3 minutes maximum; for each 10 seconds over, you will incur a 10 point reduction in overall speech points.

Judges in scoring should consider presentation, clarity, passion on the subject, and the speech’s alignment with the mission. ABW does not judge on the basis of “full leather” or “formal wear”. We are looking for a titleholder that values the mission of ABW and will be the best representative possible.


20% of total score

Many contestants are most anxious about the fantasy category. Have fun and remember, make them laugh, cry, or horny…two of the three is great…three out of three is stellar. The fantasy is your opportunity to be entertaining and imaginative, and to provide insight into your personality. The fantasy should showcase the contestant, avoid complexity, and make effective use of the stage space. The fantasy should be no more than 5 minutes in length including setup and tear down. Any contestant going over 5 minutes will lose 10 points on the total fantasy score.   

Judges in scoring should consider entertainment value, stage presence, and imaginative nature. Insights into the contestant personality, and effective narrative elements of the fantasy should also be considered.

Contestant Auction Baskets 

Not Judged

All contestants are expected to assemble at least one basket of items to be auctioned during the weekend. The proceeds from the auction will be applied towards the travel fund, charity, and general operations. 

  • Each basket should have a minimum value of $300-500. 
  • You can put together as many as you are able to assemble. The number of baskets provided, and the final selling price have no impact on the contestants score.   
  • Include a typed list of items and the value in the basket

Basket Tips

If possible, baskets should sort things into groups, collections, or items of similar interest which can include leather/fetish items, items representing the geographic area/region, or other items.  

Previous baskets have had anything and everything such as books, fetish pieces, dungeon toys, clothing, collectables, pieces of artwork, photography, music CDs, porn, non-perishable foods, hand crafted items of quality (quilts, pride items, stained glass), or run or event registration certificates. 

Many contestants solicit donations from their area bars and businesses, leather clubs and sponsors.  Some even plan a send-off party before leaving home as a way of obtaining items from supporters.  One appealing feature to encourage greater interest (“auction fever”) is the inclusion of shipping costs, making the purchase of the basket that much more advantageous.

If a basket includes an item that merits particular interest it may be auctioned separately from the rest of the basket on the decision of the Emcee.  It’s important to keep in mind that this is a great opportunity to show a contestant’s fund-raising abilities. Should you have any questions/issues about your basket, please contact the contestant coordinator.

All baskets and the materials within them are the sole property of ABW and will be auctioned during the weekend or sold off or used as raffle/support prizes for other ABW fundraising functions throughout the year. No items will be returned once turned over to the ABW staff/team.

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