The ABW Experience

As the founder and creator of the American Leatherman, American Leatherwoman and American Leatherboy this competition has always been near and dear to my  heart. These competitions along with other events make up the American Brotherhood Weekend. I produced the first American Leatherman competition in 1989 in Boston, MA and added American Leatherwoman to the competition 1994.

In 1995, the entire weekend moved to Washington DC. and I introduced the American Leatherboy, Leathergril, Cowboy and Cowgirl competitions, My vision was to create a venue for the average leather man; a competition for the hot men that you'd see run your local bar on weekends. At the time, other major competitions seemed to focus on body more so than the leather aspect of "community", I wanted a competition that catered to the entire community and not just a select few. The first years were a huge success.  So much so, that I had to seek a larger venue and moved everything to Washington D.C. a centralized destination making it easier to get to and even hotter!

In 1996, I opened my own piercing salon Body Xtremes in North Quincy, MA. and sold American Brotherhood Weekend.

Though it was the end of my Involvement in the weekend itself ABW has never left my heart.

I wish the best to all of the people producing and competing in the weekend as well as all of the past competitors and winners. -  Mik Miller, Founder/Producer (1989 - 1996)  Judge 2015


There are people that I call Family that are at the heart of ABW. Heck, my Daddy is the stage manager but they saw a need to bring this contest back, and I believed in the mission. I showed up and said “What do you need me to do"?

Some of the people that pushed me onto the national stage were former ABW titleholders. Some of the most amazing titleholders I met were ABW titleholders. One of my dearest friends and the second best boy in the whole wide world) held an ABW title for two years.

What impressed me the most? That they work together as a family. They travel together, support one another, as a unit there is no other title system that functions in the same way.

You know me; I don't mince words because of what ABW means to me, to the community, to the idea of what titleholders can be, what they can achieve, I fully support ABW.

Fully, as in where the rubber meets the road. This will be my third year volunteering, running a spotlight, playing with Gaffers tape, basically whatever they tell me to do and it is my third year as a sponsor.

- Karen "UltraDomme" 

My ABW experience was outstanding! I should have known that it would change my life. I met folks like Phyllis Darcy and Brian "Pup" Mulligan and the answer became clear. I was going to ABW!

The family vibe and atmosphere of genuine brotherhood was something I was able to soak In even during my contest, and when I I was thrown into the fire coming out the other side wiser, better, faster, stronger! The wonderful people I met, the knowledge and advice I gained from people who took a genuine interest in me has without a doubt shaped me into the leather person I am today. Not only did the lessons forge a path in my leather life but every other aspect of my life as well.

My fabulous leather family of RTB and Kip was a most fantastic bonus. I could not have chosen a more perfect fit. We all grew to genuinely love each other and to this day keep in touch.

I think that's the "thing" about American Brotherhood Weekend, It's all about the bonds we make. It's about brotherhood, fellowship and service, Out of all the contests I have attended, judged or competed in has always been ABW`s brotherhood/bond that has always resonated with me most from way back then to present day.

- Tobin Britton, ALW 2002...for life Hoorah!

ABW is like on of the amazing family and friend gatherings you talk about for years as one of your fondest memories.  It's why I have kept coming back fro years and years even after it began to move around.

Wherever it's held, be it Washington, DC, New Orleans or Chicago I'll be there with the family. It's become a tradition


- Rik Newton-Treadway "Hooker"-ABW Long Term sponsor.