2019 Title Family


American Leatherwoman 2019
MsBRaven 225x300MsBRaven is proud to serve as American Leather Woman 2019. She has previously served as Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2018 and Ms Michigan Leather Pride 2018. She is member of The Michigan Band of Brothers. MsBRaven is an avid pet lover and groomer by trade. For her, Leather is the journey to the place where her kindness and ferocity can meet. She believes that when we are able share our kindness, laughter, strengths, weaknesses, imperfections and vulnerabilities we grow together in Leather. Her kinks are varied but typically include her hand or both her hands in a vagina. She enjoys sharing her 24 years of fisting passion through judging, tallying, presenting, play and conversation. She’s yet to think of a fisting position not worth trying. She prefers at least a little laughter in her kink and a lot of kindness in her Leather.